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Just as any vehicle needs a good navigation system to get to its destination, so does your business. The BWM Integrated Solution is a comprehensive guide that provides the direction, data and deliverables for you to lead your business to reach new levels of growth.

The Business Map guides and directs you on the journey of profitable growth while the CFO Scorecard provides the customized metrics and reporting data to determine where to focus your time and talents to achieve your strategic goals.

Finally, the Tax Strategy focuses on the methods for you to keep more of what you earn while ensuring you have a tax efficient structure. The core of all of this is timely, accurate and complete accounting and bookkeeping.

We have the tools – the team – and the talent to deliver successful outcomes and allow you to manage your business, not just operate your business!

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Cindy Brown CPA, MBA


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Michael Welch, CPA


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Mitul Mehta CPA, MBA