CFO Scorecard

What Gets Measured Gets Done!

When your business has risen to revenues of $500,000 a year, there is a huge need for someone who can help review your accounting and tell you what all of it means, but there is not enough cash flow to cover a full-time employee. BWM’s CFO Scorecard gives you the tools to manage your cash flow, increase profits and design the specific data your business needs to measure.

CFO Scorecard Helps You Maximize Enterprise Value

How do you Maximize Enterprise Value? By optimizing business performance, by driving higher results, by increasing returns on efforts and by maximizing cash flow. But that is not all. You need to identify and plug profit drains, know which customers or division are underperforming, spot danger signals and anticipate crisis.

The CFO Scorecard interprets your data into an “easy to read” scorecard to identify where you need to focus your valuable time and effort.

You cannot build a better business by being a better operator – you must think and behave like a strategic owner.

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